Congress Venue

The venue of the conference will be at “Forum Evolution” Conference Centre, in the city center of Burgos (SPAIN),  a modern space combining culture and knowledge.

It has a unique architecture, which makes the light and the well-lit spaces its arterial connection. An inspiring meeting place: it generates a favorable environment for the development of talent and ideas, a space that reaches another architectural dimension thanks to its concept of perspective, transparency and simplicity of form.

The Conference Centre of Burgos has large bright spaces and continuous natural light, as well as transparency and perspective, throughout 35,000 square meters distributed over six floors. It is equipped with the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art stage equipment to host conferences and shows. In addition to the extraordinary conception of its architecture, layout and functionality, the Forum is located right in the centre of the city, a step from the historic downtown and very close to Burgos’ main hotels, restaurants and commercial area.

Welcome reception and QUASES XPS Master Class

The conference’ Welcome reception and the QUASES XPS Master class will take place the 25th of September at “Facultad de Derecho”, Burgos University (Hospital del Rey s/n, 09001 Burgos, Spain).

QUASES XPS Master Class–> 15:00, “Aula Romeros”. Facultad de Derecho, Burgos University

Welcome Reception–> 19:00, at the cafeteria/restaurant of “Facultad de Derecho”, Burgos University


Burgos is a modern city in northern Spain and the historic capital of Castilla. It is located 240 km north of Madrid and 140 km south of Bilbao. It has about 200,000 inhabitants. It is the capital of the province with same name, in the autonomous community of “Castilla y León”. Burgos was once the capital of the Crown of Castile, and the Burgos Laws, which first governed the Spaniards in the Americas, were promulgated there in 1512.
Burgos has many historic landmarks of particular importance. The city has the privilege to host three of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Burgos Cathedral, the
Archaeological Site of Atapuerca, and the Routes of Santiago de Compostela. Besides, a large number of churches, palaces and other buildings from the medieval age remain.

Burgos has a privileged geographic location. It is the main road transport node between the north and the south of Spain, as well as between Portugal and the rest of Europe, which makes it a point of connection for the main Spanish and European economic areas.

Expected temperatures: Max. 20ºC, Min: 8 ºC
Rain statistics: 50 mm /month

More than 20 hotels with 3-5 stars nearby the Conference Hall venue (at about 10 minutes walk) representing an offer of about 3000 hosting places. Besides, other 1000 cheaper guest house allocations are also available. This will ensure an offer of comforting places for the expected 300-400 delegates at very competitive prices.

Social activities at ICTF2023:

Guided tour to Atapuerca Sites

September 28th (Thursday) after lunch

The delegates attending ICTF2023 will be offered a guided tour to the Archaeological Sierra de Atapuerca Sites   located 15 km east of Burgos city. They gained scientific and social prominence in the early nineteens, when ancient fossils were unearthed in Sima de los Huesos with the discovery of 900,000 year-old human remains which defined a new species, Homo antecessor. In 2000, the sites were declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Visit to the Human Evolution Museum

September 27th (Wednesday) from 16:30 to 20:00

Free general admission to The Museum of Human Evolution  (in front of the conference venue) will be offered to the ICTF2023 delegates.  The museum holds findings from Atapuerca Sites and offers a holistic vision of human presence on the Earth.