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ASEVA strides to be a common venue between academy and the vacuum industry.


As time progresses, more and more opportunities and joint proposals to work hand in hand continue to arise.


From this middle ground, we would like to offer a series of special advantages in becoming a member.


ASEVA can help you to organize a school, conference or workshop

Advantages of membership for academics and non-profit organizations

Currently, membership of ASEVA is free for academics

  • Reduced fees at conferences, congresses, symposia and workshops organized by ASEVA.
  • Direct contact with the different companies and technological centres in Spain to stimulate collaboration in projects.
  • Support with secretary and logistics in the conferences, workshops or school organized by a member (by a reduced percentage).
  • Eligibility for prizes and national recognitions organized by ASEVA.
  • Form part of the IUVSTA with its inherent advantages, including:
    • Economic aid for the organization of congresses or international schools (up to 6000€).
    • Access to information on vacuum techniques.
    • Possibility to apply for postdoctoral scholarships, sabbaticals or support for international visitors.
    • Possibility to be proposed, through the representatives of the different divisions, for invited and plenary talks at international congresses organized by the IUVSTA.

Advantages of membership for companies

Adhesión fee is 200€ every two years.

Clase de socio.
Grupo tecnológico/ empresa de servicios.  200€/bianuales
Autónomo/pequeña empresa (spin-off).  100€ bianuales

  • Possibility to send information about the Company through our lists of distribution.
  • A technological session in every academic conference organized by ASEVA dedicated to Spanish companies and centers related to vacuum tecnhiques.
  • Direct promotion through ASEVA webpage (new products, conferences, profesional training…): two free announcements during a month per year.
  • One chosen representative for the companies in the board of directors (shift rotation is mandatory).
  • Organization to perform professional training courses for the technical staff. These courses may be organized among several companies.
  • Significant cost reduction in the stand prices for conferences or workshops organized by ASEVA.