It is our pleasure to welcome you to the nineteenth International Conference on Thin Films (ICTF-2023), that in this occasion is organized by the Spanish Vacuum Society (ASEVA) in Burgos (Spain) September 26-29th, 2023.

The venue of the conference is in Burgos, a beautiful modern city in northern Spain, located 240 km north of Madrid. In brief, let’s mention that Burgos is one of the historic capitals of the Crown of Castile and has many landmarks of particular importance. The city has the privilege to host three of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Burgos Cathedral, the Archaeological Site of Atapuerca, and the Routes of Santiago de Compostela. Besides, a large number of churches, palaces and other buildings from the medieval age remain.


ICTF conference series

The International Conference on Thin Films is a well stablished conference series (first edition took place in Boston, Massachusetts, US in 1969) for all researchers interested in thin films and coatings. It is organised after every three years and supported by the Thin Film Division of the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications (IUVSTA), a union of national member societies whose role is to stimulate international collaboration in the fields of vacuum science, techniques and applications and related multi-disciplinary topics.

The list of topics covered by this conference series is rather wide. Among them, thin film instrumentation, metrology and modelling, thin film engineering, nanostructured coatings, semiconductor, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, or magnetic thin films, photo-, electro-, thermo-, or gas- chromic coatings, protective coatings, polymeric based thin films, thin films for optoelectronics, nanoelectronics and spintronics, thin films for energy harvesting and storage, thin film catalysts, thin film based sensors or thin films for biomedical applications.


In this occasion, the ICTF conference will be set-up together with the Iberian Vacuum and Applications Conference (RIVA), a joint meeting of ASEVA and the Portuguese Vacuum Society (SOPORVAC). The RIVA event is of high relevance in scientific fields related to surface science and engineering, biointerfaces, plasma science, materials and thin film processing technologies involving vacuum equipment, thus closely related to those of ICTF mentioned above.

ICTF-2023 event will be a good opportunity for the scientific community involved on thin films research to make dissemination of their latest results, to get new ideas to carry back home, and, of course, to meet colleagues and hopefully start collaboration activities.