s01) Thin film growth simulation
s02) Advanced methods for thin film growth
s03) Advanced thin film analytical techniques
s04) Wetting control through thin film and surface functionalization
s05) Thin films and surfaces in biological applications
s06) Thin films in energy harvesting and storage
s07) Plasmonic and photonic sensors based on thin films
s08) Protective, hard and tribological coatings
s09) Photo-, electro-, thermo-, gas-chromic and luminescent coatings
s10) Thin film catalysts for the energy transition
s11) Thin films for optoelectronics, nanoelectronics, and spintronics
s12) Organic/polymeric thin films, organic electronics
s13) Magnetic, piezoelectric thin films
s14) Thin film for vacuum and space applications
s15) Beyond thin films: low dimensional materials
s16) Industrial application of thin film technology
s17) Thin film ices in space
s18) Cultural heritage surface and coating analysis