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AUSE is the Association of Synchrotron Users of Spain. Our objective is the promotion and use of the existing experimental facilities as well as the stimulation of the relationship within the members of our association through, promoting the use of synchrotron radiation for the study of matter, the development and improvement of all aspects related to the instrumentation, generation and handling of this type of facility, and Unite and defend the common interests of synchrotron users. We encourage you to become a member through our website ause.es to receive the latest news regarding events, conferences, courses, etc… Follow us in twitter @ause_es.

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SURF-ERA is a Spanish national excellence network aimed to research, promote and disseminate surface engineering tecnologies to industry and society. The network is consituted by the research and techology centers AIN, IDONIAL, TEKNIKER and CIDETEC. SURF-ERA has developed 4 pre-industrial PILOT PLANTs based on PVD sputtering (HIPIMS), Laser micro-nano patterning/texturing, Sol-Gel in-line and automated (electro)chemical technologies which are ready to provide innovation value to the industries of different sectors of applications such as Steel, machine-tooling, renewable and conventional energy, transport, home-appliances, or optics.  The network has invested more than 1.6 M€ in new equipments, and has mobilized more tan 8M€ in industrial research contracts during its first two years of activities. The consortium and the activities of the network have been funded by Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial of Spain (CDTI), under contract nr CER2019-1003.



Neyco is the French specialist in the vacuum/UHV and inorganic materials market. Benefiting from a high level of expertise (over 65 years old) and a rigorous desire for improvement, our consulting capacity and adaptability are reinforced. Neyco is, above all, experts with a spirit of initiative, focused on people and the quality of relationships, concerned about the well-being and development of their colleagues and partners. Neyco stands for quality and expertise in inorganic materials, thin film deposition, vacuum and ultra-high vacuum


Avactec is a distributor of equipment for vacuum deposition from some of the world’s leading suppliers. We are based in Madrid and serve the research communities in Spain and Portugal. Our product range includes evaporation materials, deposition sources, quartz crystal monitors, power supplies for sputtering, as well as complete PVD systems.


Korvus Technology’s HEX series are highly modular, cost effective, compact thin-film coating systems. The HEX’s open-frame architecture allows panels, sample tables, sources, and in-situ measurement instruments to be interchanged with no specialist tools, providing a unique level of freedom to those in the thin-film R&D sector. The novel, modular design offers researchers unmatched flexibility in retrofitting this PVD system with upgrades and third-party components. Korvus is built on over 20 years of experience in the thin film technology market, designing, manufacturing, and installing HV and UHV deposition systems. Founded in 2015, Korvus has installed over 100 systems worldwide. HEX systems are utilized in academic and industry settings to advance research into novel thin film materials.


At Helium3 we are experts in vacuum, cryogenics and mass spectrometry. Our customers receive the best equipment and get a 360º service that accompanies them from the beginning of each project. We will go the whole way with you. Our strong commitment to quality allows us to have a wide range of top brands capable of meeting the most demanding expectations.  We are official distributors of Kashiyama, Janis Research, Picosun ALD Solution, NanoMagnetics and InProcess Instruments. We are passionate about what we do and it is reflected in what we offer.


Kashiyama is a manufacturer of reliable and low-maintenance dry Multi-Stage Roots Pumps offering a wide range of pumping speed options from 7 m³/h to 300 m³/h with the NeoDry series. Since our founding in 1951, we have supplied Multi-Stage Roots and Screw Vacuum Pumps for semiconductor and various coating applications and continue to be the market leader in Japan to this day. In 2018, Kashiyama opened a new way for European customers with “Quality made in Japan“. The growing Munich team will support you in all matters of sales and service.


PhotonExport is dedicated to enabling cutting-edge R&D, thin films, and nanotechnology innovation by providing high-quality specialty materials and equipment that are tailored to your specifications and delivered on time and at the lowest possible cost. We strive to enable cutting-edge research and development innovation for those seeking a bright and sustainable future through scientific discovery.