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QUASES XPS Master Class. Sven Tougaard

Audience: This master class is for students and researchers interested in making accurate and detailed analysis of nano-structured thin films and surfaces by XPS, using the facilities in the QUASES-Tougaard software package (
When: September 25th, 2023 (before the Welcome Reception of ICTF-2023) at 15:00
Where: “Aula  Romeros”, Facultad de Derecho”, Burgos University (Hospital del Rey s/n, 09001 Burgos, Spain).

The master class consists of three sessions (about 45 min each):

  • A lecture on quantitative XPS surface analysis. Discussion of deficiencies in traditional quantitative XPS analysis and of how the accuracy can be enhanced considerably by analysis of both peak intensity and the background of inelastically scattered electrons.
  • From raw spectra to final evaluation. The steps needed to get from the raw XPS spectra to the complete quantitative analysis of the nano-structure is demonstrated live by practical examples such as thin films: determination of the layered structure; thin film growth: accurate determination of layer thickness, coverage, and distribution of islands; Nano- particles: determination of NP size; coated nano-particles: accurate determination of shell thickness, non-uniformity of shell thickness, and incomplete encapsulation of the core. HAXPES: determination of the position and thickness of deeply (up to ~200 nm) buried layers. Ambient Pressure XPS: removal of the spectral distortion caused by the ambient gas.
  • Discussion: answering your questions by practical demonstrations.

Registration fees:

90 EUR

There will be a limited number of places (30) available for the master class.

For an introduction to QUASES XPS analysis, see: