The Society


The Spanish Vacuum Society, ASEVA, is a non-profit organization founded on 1963 as a specialised working group of the Spanish Committee of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). Currently, ASEVA is a member of the IUVSTA (International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications), where it participates actively.


The objective

The objective of ASEVA is to stimulate research and scientific collaboration in the fields of vacuum science, techniques and applications including related multi-disciplinary topics as solid-vacuum interfaces. Our Society is committed to become a meeting point for scientists, university professors and engineers working in research technological centres and industries, operating in Spain. Thus, the main objective is to promote and contribute to the study, discussion and dissemination of science on vacuum and related techniques.


To this goal, ASEVA will promote different activities, as the organization and management of national and international meetings, conferences, schools and workshops. In particular, every two years ASEVA co-organises with SOPROVAC (Portuguese Vacuum Society) the RIVA (Iberian vacuum meeting). Moreover, our Society organizes different awards and prizes in several technological areas to highlight personal trajectories and achievements of the Spanish scientific community.

New board

The current board of ASEVA, nominated in June 2019, has assumed the challenge of expanding the limits of the Society, increasing its visibility and number of affiliates, as well as enforcing dynamism to its activities.


ASEVA includes partners from industry and technological research centers. They act as a link between technology and academia.