The main topics covered during the next RIVA on-line meeting will be


Plasma and gas-phase physics and chemistry

Keywords: Gas discharges, plasma sources, plasma diagnostics, plasma kinetics, plasma-surface interactions, plasma processing, fusion, gas phase reactions, lab-astrophysics


Low dimensional materials and nanostructures

Keywords: Physics/chemistry on Surfaces, 2D materials, interfaces, nanoparticles, catalysis, modelling


Thin-films, coatings and interfaces

Keywords: CVD&ALD, PVD, plasma assisted deposition, Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), functional coatings, Bio&Hybrid interfaces.


Advanced fabrication, processing and characterization

Keywords: Micro&Nano-fabrication,  advanced microscopies, analysis techniques on large facilities, surface processing and functionalization


Vacuum science and technology

Keywords: Vacuum system design, particle accelerators, high energy-physics.


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