Author: Bárbara Buades, Antonio Picón, Emma Berger, Iker León, Nicola Di PaloSeth L. Cousin, Caterina Cocchi, Eric Pellegrin, Javier Herrero Martin, Samuel Mañas-ValeroEugenio Coronado, Thomas Danz, Claudia Draxl, Mitsuharu UemotoKazuhiro YabanaMartin SchultzeSimon Wall,Michael Zürch, and Jens Biegert

Applied Physics Reviews 8, 011408 (2021)

Recent developments in attosecond technology led to table-top x-ray spectroscopy in the soft x-ray range, thus uniting the element- and state-specificity of core-level x-ray absorption spectroscopy with the time resolution to follow electronic dynamics…