X Iberian  Conference on Tribology – IBERTRIB. XI Iberian Vacuum Conference - RIVA

June 19-21, Seville, Spain

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RIVA conference is organized every two years by the Spanish and Portuguese Society of Vacuum (ASEVA and SOPORVAC), Similarly, IBERTRIB is a biennial symposium assembling researchers working on Tribology from Spain and Portugal, changing the location between both countries.

In the 2019 edition, both meetings will take place together in the nice city of Seville, organized by the Material Science Institute of Seville (CSIC-University of Seville) and hosted by the Higher Technical School of Engineering. This would be a special opportunity to gather scientists from both communities, academia and industry, sharing their results, advances and new challenges.


Topics covered by the joint conference are:

  • Tribology (surface treatments and coatings, lubricants and additives, friction and wear, lubrication of machine elements, bio-tribology, virtual modeling of dry and film contacts, case studies in tribology),
  • Applied surface science and vacuum applications (electronic materials and processing, biointerfaces, nanometer structures, plasma science and technology, surface engineering, thin films, vacuum science and technology, hard coatings).


A special session will be devoted to “Surface Treatments and Coatings prepared by Vacuum techniques“ in cooperation with CyTeS group, specialized in science and technology of surfaces.


A short course is scheduled on Tuesday, 18th on “Patterning and structuration of surfaces” organized by CyTeS.

It will cover the fundaments, methodology and applications of the most advanced techniques in micro-  and nanostructuration of surfaces.

The tutorial will cover the following parts:

  • Nanolitography processes
  • Chemical processes
  • Technics based on ion and electron beams.
  • Laser processing techniques
  • Additive fabrication.

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