Pedro Costa

(CERN, Switzerland)


Thin films in particles accelerators: challenges, future & opportunities

Categories: keynote@ICTF-2023

Short bio:
Pedro Costa Pinto graduated as Physics Engineer from Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 1996, where he worked as research assistant studying nanometer scale multilayer films for x-ray reflectivity. In 1998, he joined CERN to participate in the development of Non-Evaporable Getter (NEG) thin films and implemented a large-scale facility to coat more than 3 km of beam pipes for the Large Hadron Collider. Pedro has been involved in the R&D and production of different types of thin films for the accelerators community, in particular amorphous carbon for anti-multipacting applications, and has been leading the development of technology to coat beam pipes “in-situ” in the accelerator ring. He has also participated in the transfer of NEG thin films technology to several institutes and companies.