Edoardo Rossi

(Università degli Studi Roma Tre)


Categories: keynote@ICTF-2023

Short bio

Edoardo Rossi is an assistant professor in materials science at the University of Roma Tre and an assistant managing editor for the international journal “Materials and Design”. His field of expertise as a post-doctoral researcher and assistant professor (currently) lies within the context of the characterization and design of novel high-toughness nano-ceramics for aeronautical and biomedical applications. In 2020 and 2021, he won two awards within the context of the MRS 2020 and NewTrends in Materials Science conferences for his presentations on the research topics of Surface Free Energy measurements and 3D printed nano-ceramics environmental toughness, respectively. In his previous working experiences, he was employed from 2015 to 2016 as an engineering consultant for the Science and Technology group at Roma Tre University on automated algorithms for FIB micro- and nano-machining. Moreover, he obtained his PhD at Roma Tre University in 2022, working on nanoindentation and advanced nanomechanics as diagnostic tools for the reliability assessment of micro and nano-devices.

Personal Website: https://www.uniroma3.it/en/persone/QWJYamNwUlhabFlZOFgyZEVxWVlKaUxHaGtpcE1OK1RqdHMwZG04bTlGdz0=/

Research expertise:

  • Materials Science;
  • Advanced nanomechanics;
  • Crack propagation resistance.
  • Residual stresses.