Albert Tarancon

(IREC, Spain)


Thin film ionic and mixed ionic-electronic conductors for energy applications

Categories: keynote@ICTF-2023

Short bio:

ICREA Prof. Albert Tarancón is Head of the Nanoionics and Fuel Cells Group at IREC. Albert holds M.Sc. and PhD in Physics from the University of Barcelona (2001, 2007) and an M. Eng. in Materials Science from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (2007). In 2010, Albert joined the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) as the Head of the Nanoionics and Fuel Cells Group. Since 2018, he is ICREA Research Professor at IREC and leads a group of 30+ people devoted to nanomaterials for alternative energy technologies and their applicability in powering portable devices (thermoelectric, all-solid-state batteries and solid oxide cells) and synthetic fuel production. Albert is currently coordinating two EU projects (HarveStore and EpiStore) and an ERC PoC action (TransIonics) devoted to thin-film based devices for energy and information applications. Albert is currently editor of J. Phys. Energy (IoP), J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. (Elsevier) and APL Energy (IoP).