Divisional representatives


J. Barriga

Surface Engineering


email: javier.barriga@tekniker.es

Head of thin solid films (PVD) group at IK4-TEKNIKER. 20 years of expertise in the characterisation and development of coatings by sputtering and cathodic arc, for different applications (hard coatings, cosmetic films, optics and solar stacks).

J.M. Hidalgo

Vacuum Science and Technology

Azbil Telstar Technologies, S.L.

email: jhidalgo@telstar.com

Responsible Technician of calibration laboratory under ENAC accreditation number 80/LC10.055 and technical responsible for the assistance to the instrumentation represented at Azbil Telstar Technologies.

A. Lousa

Electronic Materials and Processing

Departamento de Física Aplicada, Facultad de Física. Universidad de Barcelona

email: alousa@ub.edu

Member of the research group THIN FILMS AND SURFACE ENGINEERING. Specialist in plasma assisted PVD techniques to deposit materials in thin film form (R.F sputtering, cathodic arc) with control of the ion bombardment during the film growth. Multilayer coatings with nanometric period. Structural characterization using X-ray diffraction techniques. Characterization of stress and mechanical and tribological properties.

I. Montero

Surface Science

Instituto Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid; ICMM-CSIC

email: imontero@icmm.csic.es

Group leader of the Surface Nanoestructuring for Space and Terrestrial Communications (ICMM-CSIC), Specialist in secondary electron emission in RF devices for space, low-SEY surfaces to inhibit multipactor effect surfaces and material of low insertion losses in RF, materials characterization by UHV surface spectroscopic techniques (XPS, AES,…).

F. Yubero

F. Yubero

Thin Film Division

ICMSE, CIC-Cartuja, Américo Vespucio 49, E-41092 Sevilla, Spain

email: yubero@icmse.csic.es

Scientific Researcher of the “Nanotechnology on Surfaces” group at the Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Sevilla (CSIC – Univ. Seville). Expertise in electron spectroscopies, plasma technology, and the implementation of porous/compact thin films in optical sensors and devices.

A. Gutierrez

A. Gutierrez

Applied Surface Science

Departamento de Física Aplicada. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

e-mail: a.gutierrez@uam.es

Expert in the growth and characterization of transition metal oxide coatings, thin films, interfaces and nanostructures. Specialist in electron spectroscopies, with expertise in synchrotron radiation based spectroscopies. Secretary of the Spanish Standardization work group AEN-GET15/GT5 “Surface chemical physcal analysis”, following the international ISO Committee ISO/TC-201 “Surface chemical analysis”.

M. Manso

M. Manso


Dpto. De Física Aplicada e Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales Nicolás Cabrera, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

email: miguel.manso@uam.es

Research focused on surface modification through self assembly, plasma and ion beam methods for biomedical applications at molecular (biosensors) or cellular level (cell guiding). Interested in the use of photons (X-Rays to infrared), electrons and ions for the characterization of biointerfaces.


V. J. Herrero

V. J. Herrero

Plasma Science and Technology

Instituto de Estructura de la Materia IEM-CSIC

email: v.herrero@csic.es

Group leader of the “Molecular physics of astrophysical and astronomical systems” group at IEM-CSIC. Activities: Spectroscopy and kinetics in gas and in solid phase, cold plasma diagnostics and modeling, astrochemistry. Main techniques: High vacuuum, IR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry.

Y. Huttel

Nanometer Structures

Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, CSIC

email: huttel@icmm.csic.es

Member of the Surfaces, Coatings, and Molecular Astrophysics Department at the ICMM that belongs to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). Since 2007, he has been working at the ICMM as a Permanent Scientist and he leads the Low-Dimensional Advanced Materials Group. His research focuses on low-dimensional systems including surfaces, interfaces and nanoparticles, as well as XMCD, XPS and nanomagnetism.