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Make more visible your group and research activitie!!!. Send us a video, group picture, Logo, design of your activity…. Free format with a link to your web page.   
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Send us a dissemination article related to vacuum science or technology.

Why don’t you write a dissemination article?
To be focused for all publics, with an approximate extension of up to 1500 words. It can be a report on your research or on important-hot news (such as a noble prize winner report, a new experiment or experimental set-up), new vacuum-related business, etc.  Attention:  fiction stories, literary narrative, tales, poetry… are also welcome.
Every 4 months at least one will be selected, and the author rewarded with a prize of 50€

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We request: summary of the main results in two sentences + Abstract of about 400 words + nice ilustrative figure (TOC style)

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